Team Area

The price for a team area place for UEC-registered teams is € 150,- (6x3m) and non-registered teams is € 200,- (6x3m).

UEC registration will be checked by the information provided by the UEC.

The UEC-registered teams are the closest to the track. Team tents are only permitted at the team area. There is one parking spot per team tent available on the parking area near the team area.

Every UEC registered team has received before round 1 & 2 at Zolder a UEC pass for the whole 2016 (responsibility of the UEC).

In Weiterstadt every UEC registered team will receive 2 entry bracelets.

The NON UEC registered teams will also receive 2 entry bracelets, but they have no access to the Team Managers Zone.

Please book and pay before the 1st June 2016 or no space guaranteed. 

Download: Team Area Form

Please send the filled out reservation form to

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